Eco-Friendly Case For iPhone - Pink Swirl

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Eco-Friendly Case For iPhone - Pink Swirl

Regular price € 29.99
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Eco-Friendly Phone Case For iPhone - Pink Swirl

Stylish and eco-friendly iPhone case in pink, 100% compostable and durable enough to protect your phone from drops and scratches.

It is made from natural wheat straw and other renewable materials. Disposed, it composts in less than 3 months, against 2000 years for traditional plastics. A good spin for the eco-system to feed more plants.

 What makes those cases even more awesome is the fact that they are shipped plastic free and 5% of our profit goes back to organisations busy cleaning our oceans such as Ocean Clean Up and the 5 Gyres Institute.

Let's stop 8 million tons of plastic from entering our seas.

Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Alison Allen
great customer service

I accidentally ordered the wrong size case and Yolanda in customer service immediately sent the right size.

Lovely case

Good fit and very comfortable do hold. Looks great too!

It’s maybe too early to tell

Thank you for changing the logo to my name, that was fab. I love the idea of compostable and so spent more than I should on taking care of the planet but honestly a screen saver would have been cool to add and the material is soft, easily grazed and dented and so may not last long. I’ll definitely give it a longer try but sadly wouldn’t buy again. Great fast service and reception thankyou and hands up to your great efforts to save the planet. X

A great feeling case!

I came across Natch while looking for recommendations for biodegradable phone cases. The case fits my phone well, is smooth, and feels really durable. I love the colors as well!

Chloe Rouse

Great quality, lovely design and fits my phone perfectly!


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