Renatch, our recycling program in Brussels is live!

Send us your old Natch case (or any other brand if it is biodegradable) for a 20% discount code.


The problem

Each year, more than 1 billion phone cases pile up in landfills globally. PLA products are one of the best alternatives to plastic at the moment (they are compostable and leave no toxic residue behind). However, recycling them correctly when isn't possible at home can be a headache for two reasons: Insufficient facilities adapted to bioplastics and the lack of information available about how to recycle them.

Our solution

At Natch, we are committed to being Earth Heroes, minimising single-use plastics, recycling bioplastics correctly and providing a solution to a huge global problem.

Renatch is a program we have created to give waste a second life and give customers like you, an easy way recycle their old compostable products. Earn credit toward your next purchase for every case you send in.


How it works


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