What is an Eco-Friendly Phone case?

What is an Eco-Friendly Phone case?


If you love our planet, you can show it through the phone case you use.

Globally, close to 3 billion people own a smartphone, and chances are, 80% of them will buy a phone case, and some have multiple cases. What’s the danger here? They are made from plastic which is toxic to the environment.

However, thanks to the introduction of eco-friendly phone cases, this issue is addressed. Read on to discover more about this better option for lovers of the environment.

What is an Eco-Friendly Phone case?

An eco-friendly phone case is one made from natural materials that are easily biodegradable and sustainable. These can include bamboo, cork among others. They can also be made from recycled or biodegradable plastic.

When you want to get yourself a new phone case, you can keep off anything that can damage our planet. This can be an eco-friendly phone case that uses nontoxic materials.

Moreover, another good tip that can help you tell whether or not a phone case is compostable is looking at the environmental certifications. If there are any, then it qualifies, and if you are passionate about the environment, you will be glad to purchase one of those.

Therefore, you can do your part to help conserve the environment through the provided tips you take and the decisions you make, such as the kind of phone case you purchase. Utilizing renewable resources is important to help reduce the usage of plastic.

Why Have an Eco-Friendly Phone Case?

Most phone cases are made from plastic, which is harmful to the environment. Not only is it non-biodegradable, but once it is thrown out, it leads to a plastic build-up in landfills or is simply left out to pollute the ecosystem.

With the sale of plastic phone cases increasing past a million yearly, more cases being produced for upgraded phone models and to keep up with the trends, this is a great concern.

Therefore, to avoid increasing the damage and pollution of the planet earth thanks to plastic use, you can opt for eco-friendly options. Thankfully, the phone case market is here to help by producing compostable and eco-friendly phone cases.

So, why not get yourself an eco-friendly phone case and help conserve and take care of our planet?

Tips to Buying an Eco-Friendly Phone Case

As an individual passionate about Earth, you want to do all your best to protect it. A good move towards achieving this is buying an eco-friendly phone case. However, this is a huge challenge.

At times the challenge is nowhere close to narrowing down your numerous options; it is the fact that some companies claim to make eco-friendly phone cases, while in real sense, they aren't. You wouldn’t want to fall victim to this, would you? Therefore, consider the following tips before you make that purchase;

  • The Materials Used

As you now know, the materials used in making phone cases can make them either friendly or dangerous to our planet. Therefore, whenever you are out buying an eco-friendly phone case, it is crucial to know the specific materials used in making it.

Ask yourself, “Are the materials eco-friendly?” If so, there is no doubt the phone case is also eco-friendly. However, if the materials aren’t, don’t think of going ahead with your purchase; you will be aiding in endangering our planet, something you don’t want to be a part of.

  • Size

Getting an eco-friendly phone case as an eco-geek is a big step, perhaps an achievement on your bucket list. However, what is the use of having one that doesn't fit your phone? It will be useless.

Therefore, before you buy that phone case, ensure it is the right size for your phone. You want to eliminate trash, and a smaller or larger phone case can prove to be one. So, double-check to be sure you are getting the right size.

  • The Design

The design of your phone case is essential. An attractive one will automatically make your phone look good. Therefore, you can be keen when buying an eco-friendly option to ensure it matches your need.

Your phone case can be one of your statement pieces, whether you are having a night out, a girls’ day out. What’s more, if you want to gift your girls, then the design has a huge role to play.

What are the style features? What is the color? What are the details?

Well, you can have a few options that satisfy the kind of design you wanted, either for yourself or as a gift to someone. So, take advantage of variety, from colors to styling options and get what you need.

  • Compostable

If you ever look for the best eco-friendly phone cases in the market, don’t fail to go for one which is compostable. You can take advantage of this great option the market has to offer.

However, getting hold of a real compostable phone case isn’t an easy task. The good news is, once you get a genuine one, you are miles ahead at conserving the earth.

  • Free From BPA

The fight against plastic phone cases is a fight against BPA, one of the chemicals in plastic. It can have adverse effects on your health and the environment at large.

Therefore, to avoid all these, you want to ensure the phone case you purchase is BPA-free. This is one way of avoiding problems related to this chemical.

  • Vegan-Friendly

If you are a vegan, you might extend it to your phone case cover too, and this is a crucial factor you might consider. Therefore, as much as other people might not relate, don't be scared to keep this in the list of things to consider before buying a phone case.

If you find a brand that keeps this into consideration, you can stick to it.


You can have the same phone for a long time, but the case, frequent replacement is key. However, since most of the phone cases are made of plastic, they are harmful to the environment.

Thankfully, eco-friendly phone cases are here to help you take care of our planet. If you want to purchase one and be sure it is genuine, the above tips are handy. Plus, knowing the adverse effects of plastic phone cases, why not join the team of eco-geeks and get yourself an eco-friendly phone case?

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