Imagine living a life without plastics. Sounds interesting, right? However, is it possible? The good news is, it is. However, getting to that level is quite an uphill task. Why? As much as you can try numerous ways of eliminating plastics, somehow, they still find a way of creeping back to your house or office. Well, you don’t have to get discouraged. This is a good course to work on, and the tips you will gather here will help.

  1. Carry Your Shopping Bag

Whenever you are out shopping, ensure you have your own bag, preferably a reusable one. It can be of any kind, from canvas tote, a backpack and so on. This will help you avoid purchasing plastic bags while at the store. Therefore, whenever you’re leaving your house, ensure you have at least one in your bag or car. This way, when it’s time for shopping, from groceries, electronics to any other purchases, you are sorted.

  1. Grow Your Fruits and Vegetables

Whenever you buy your fruits and vegetables from the supermarket, they usually come wrapped in a plastic bag. Therefore, since you want to live a plastic-free life, what do you do? Why not grow a small garden at your place? In it, you can plant some vegetables and fruits. This can help you avoid using plastics and save some money since you can get them from the garden.

  1. Say No To Beverages in Plastic Containers and Bottles

Since you want to go plastic-free, this means you have to reconsider the beverages you take. Give up those that come in plastic bottles. On the other hand, you can opt for having fresh juice rather than buying one which might come in a disposable bottle.

  1. Carry Your Own Containers

Whenever you are out shopping, you should carry your own containers. In most cases, takeout places would give you their disposable containers. Rather than having these, request them to package for you in the container you carried. You could brace yourself with stainless or glass containers.

  1. Purchase Freshness

If you love groceries, fresh vegetables and fruits, you can purchase directly from the farmers rather than at the store. This way, you get freshness at its best. Moreover, these local products do not have any plastic tags or stickers on them. Importantly, it would be best to have your bag with you when going to the farmer's farm.

If the farmer gives you the small fruits such as grapes and berries in a small plastic container, why not transfer them to your own bag or container? Therefore, whenever you are headed for the farmer’s freshness, you should be prepared.

Besides, at the supermarket or the grocery store, you will be given a plastic produce bag whenever you have a variety of groceries. When you shop directly from the farm, you can place the items directly in the bag you carried.

Another way of appreciating freshness is when buying bread directly from the bakery. As you do so, you can ensure you have your cloth bag where it will be placed. This reduces much plastic packaging that might be involved.

  1. Avoid Plastic Dental Products

Going plastic-free in your dental care might seem a bit hectic, but it is possible. Thanks to innovations in sustainable alternative toothbrushes, dental floss and toothpaste, you can do it.

It is now not a surprise to come across health and organic stores with great alternatives to normal toothpaste. Nonetheless, you can always make one on your own. Take advantage of the recipes available online, and you are good to go.

You can join many who are continually embracing the use of toothbrushes made of compostable materials like bamboo. This is a great way of kicking out your plastic toothbrush. However, even sustainable toothbrushes still have plastic bristles.  The good news is, you have the handle made of bamboo or other compostable material and this counts.

 Therefore, whenever you want to compost such a toothbrush, you must eliminate the plastic bristles. Moreover, you can always reuse the handle. What's more, you can save money by buying a toothbrush with a replaceable head to avoid the constant purchase of a new plastic toothbrush.

  1. Avoid Straws

A plastic straw is small, but the damage it can cause is huge. They can easily accumulate within a short period, such as when there is a party somewhere. Therefore, rather than adding to the plastic waste, why not use your lips instead of the straw?

On the other hand, if you have to use a straw, why not reuse it, especially throughout a party or event? A better alternative is going for reusable straws such as those made of stainless steel. This way, you don't have to keep buying straws. Plus, they last even longer as they keep serving you.

  1. Purchase Refills

Every time you purchase items packaged in plastic containers or cans, your use of plastic increases. Now that you want to live a plastic-free life, things must be different. When you go to the beauty shop to buy your shampoo in a plastic container, why not go with your own container and get a refill?

Also, when you shop for your laundry detergents or fabric softeners, you don't have to carry the plastic to your place. Come with a container from home and get a refill.

  1. Go Natural

This is among the steps you can take to live a plastic-free life. For instance, instead of having the processed juices in plastic bottles and containers, why not make your natural one? You could then take it in a reusable glass which you probably already own.

Moreover, you can go natural in your scent. Do you want your room to smell nice but don’t want to use plastic? No problem. You can try out non-aerosol versions of air fresheners. Scented candles and essential oils are other great alternatives.


Going plastic-free isn't easy, but you can take some steps towards your goal. There are many aspects of your life in which you can make the grand changes, from your shopping packages, the containers and bottles you use in personal care to the scents around you. Therefore, do your best and don’t tire in your journey to a plastic-free life.

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