Five things you should look at when buying a tech-accessory

Five things you should look at when buying a tech-accessory

Seek Durable quality - Works, whatever happens

So whether you’re taking your gear on an adventure trip or to work every day, there’s a good chance you’re going to be slinging it around, treating it with a good amount of wear and tear. Durability is always a must for sustainable fashion, but especially so for tech-accessories. The last thing you want is to end up on a hike with a ripped phone case or in an airport with a bag with a busted zipper.


Sustainable consumption - From aspiration to behaviour change

 Get it to fill your own needs - What will you be using your accessory for? Work? Travel? Hiking? Do you need to prioritize water resistance, aesthetics, or something else?

Question its purpose - Can you get one that can be used for more than one purpose? Take some time to think about what you will be using your accessory for and how it will fit into your lifestyle so you don’t end up wasting resources on something that won’t work for you.

Sustainably-sourced - Translating awareness into solutions

 Priorities accessories that offer lifetime warranties, repair, exchange or recycling program as part of their service.

Look for tech-accessories that are made from natural or recycled materials, which is awesome for the planet.  Materials should be mostly renewable, biodegradable, non-toxic, much less taxing on the planet, and more often than not, they’re higher quality and more durable, too. When it comes to protective materials such as cases, look for material based on starch or cereal rather than plastic material.  For fabrics, give priority to alternative and naturally sourced materials like locally-sourced cotton canvass or even banana fibre.

Socially engaged - Investing in people wellbeing

Because, well, people should be paid fairly for the work they do, period… Look for brands that are committed to paying their artisans living wages for their work, while also providing other benefits like healthcare and education.

Awesome design - Enjoy Live!

 Get a design that you genuinely think you’ll love and use for years to come!

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