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Paint and sip
Elke Vanoost
Flowerpot painting with friend

Me and my friend had a great time doing this session of flower pot painting with a cocktail. The shop staff was extremely nice as well. Can definitely recommend!

Eco-Friendly Phone Case For iPhone 12 Mini - Bee Green
Alison Allen
great customer service

I accidentally ordered the wrong size case and Yolanda in customer service immediately sent the right size.

Eco-Friendly Case For iPhone - Lavender Daisies
Lovely case

Good fit and very comfortable do hold. Looks great too!

Eco-Friendly Case For iPhone - Maxi daisy
It’s maybe too early to tell

Thank you for changing the logo to my name, that was fab. I love the idea of compostable and so spent more than I should on taking care of the planet but honestly a screen saver would have been cool to add and the material is soft, easily grazed and dented and so may not last long. I’ll definitely give it a longer try but sadly wouldn’t buy again. Great fast service and reception thankyou and hands up to your great efforts to save the planet. X

Eco-Friendly iPhone Case For iPhone 13 - Vibrations
A great feeling case!

I came across Natch while looking for recommendations for biodegradable phone cases. The case fits my phone well, is smooth, and feels really durable. I love the colors as well!

Eco-Friendly Case For iPhone - Lavender Daisies
Chloe Rouse

Great quality, lovely design and fits my phone perfectly!

Eco-Friendly iPhone Lanyard Case - Bees
Van Noor
Loevly but not durable

Thin middle piece at the top of charging point broke on the 1st day, one of the holders for the strap broke a week later. All this happened during normal use.

Looks and feels great

Absolutely loving my new phone case. It looks and feels great and is super sturdy, so I’m confident that it will protect my phone. The slight texture / flecks in the lighter parts of the zebra print give it depth that makes it feel really good quality.

Eco-Friendly Phone Case - Black Mushrooms
Hana Štrkolcová

Beautiful design, unproblematic delivery, and amazing phone case

Eco-Friendly iPhone Case For iPhone 12/12 Pro - Happy Me
Anaëlle Mémurlin

Eco-Friendly iPhone Case For iPhone 12/12 Pro - Happy Me

Eco-Friendly iPhone Case For iPhone 13 Pro Max - Daisy
Gerd Kampen
Beautiful cases - highly recommended!

We absolutely love the two cases we ordered from Natch and highly recommend our purchase!

Awesome case for iphone 11

Quality and so beautiful case on top of being sustainable

Eco-Friendly Phone Case For iPhone 12/12 Pro - Coffee | Natch by Afgraphics
Love it!

Really in love with my new case! Pretty design ánd made of cereals - how cool is that! 🤩

Eco-Friendly Phone Case For iPhone 12 Pro Max - Women
Aleksandra Drobakha

I didn’t receive I yet(((

Eco-Friendly iPhone Case For iPhone 12/12 Pro - Happy Me
Marleen Van de Vijver
A beautiful phone-case!

Great design, good for the planet!

Eco-Friendly iPhone Case For iPhone 13 Pro - Daisy
Kali Sky
Prefer Natch Over Others

I have tried other eco and compostable phone cases and I have to say Natch takes the cake. The ones Iv tried in the past where always a bit bulky. I always buy compostable no matter what and I was SO pleasantly surprised when this daisy case for my iPhone 13 Max Pro came in the mail looking very sleek. It still gives my phone good protection without looking like I’m holding onto a brick.


I love my case it has a cute design and it's great to know I'm making less of an impact on the planet!


Très belle coque et très bonne qualité, c’est la deuxième coque que j’achète et je ne suis pas déçue! Les boutons s’enfoncent sans problème et la coque protège vraiment bien!

Finally got it!

I’ve never received the shipping notification so I thought I would have never received my parcel but finally I got it. I like it very much!

Not received

Following many emails I still have not received this item even though purchased 7 Dec 2021

Hello Paula,
I am sorry to hear that you didn't receive your order.
I just sent you the proof of postage by email since I can not attach anything here.

Also, I see only one email from you, sent the 24th of December.

Although we always try to reply to every enquiry as soon as we can, the wait time is higher during the holiday season due to the amount of requests.

I hope you receive your case soon.



Eco-Friendly Phone Case For iPhone XR - Bee
Virginie huon

Très belle coque, envoi très rapide et excellente communication 🥰

Eco-Friendly Phone Case For iPhone 11 Pro - Women
Sharon salzman

Eco-Friendly Phone Case For iPhone 11 Pro - Women

Eco-Friendly Phone Case For iPhone 11 - Mustard
Jacob Butt
Great case

Buttons are a bit hard to push but overall great case. Too bad the strap is added without asking, contributes to unnecessary waste.


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